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Paper Mache Birds

Paper Mache Birds

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Paper Mache is composite material made from paper pieces, sometimes reinforced with textiles, and bound with an adhesive. We use the seed of the Guar Plant. The term comes from the French phrase papier-mâché, which literally means "chewed paper". 

This tabletop accessory is a cute bird made from Paper Mache and hand painted by our artists with disability. We collect used paper from offices and homes in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon thus halting their journey to the nearest landfill.

Keep this bird by your side on your work or study table and enjoy the vision of flying high. May all your dreams come true.

Size of Bird: 10.25 cm

Since 2001, Avacayam has been working on creating beautifully designed products from waste materials, and through their sale provides employment to the producers, ie, people with all kinds of disabilities.

"Working towards an environment where nature and people live and prosper in harmony".

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