Changing Attitudes, Changing Lives

Avacayam Foundation is an employment program for people with disabilities. Our organization works with all types of disabilties. Whether it be intellectually challenged, autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome or physically challenged like visually and hearing impaired, our organization is a place for all.

Come and see all the wonderful things that our home-grown artists with disabilites make.

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Meet our Artists

As the years passed, the work started to expand. More people started taking notice and the organization started to gain recognition. Then one day, one of the parent of the mentally challenged child question the benefits of educating them. The concern was true but what was more daunting was the reality of the next step. Skill development. Thus the birth of Trash to Cash skill development program. Through this program we just didn't teach them real world skills but also recycle waste & discarded materials to protect the environment. Through this initiative we had the opportunity to work with the government and the corporate sector. 

In the recent years, we took to exploration again. Exploring the digital retail business. It is quite fascinating to see this new direction emerge. People all over the world are quite taken by it and are adopting faster than you can think. Why should we be left behind? 

So here we are today, under the Avacayam banner we are spear heading the digital domain.

How It All Started

"During the early years of the organization, our work solely focused on the education  of the mentally challenged. We tackled issues related to mental health and societal integration through education and skill development. 

However, the reality of life echoed through the parents of the disabled. 

"What is the point of education and training when no one will hire them?"

This statement rattled in my heart for quite sometime. One day, as I was stuck in a traffic jam near a bridge, I saw people as well as priests throwing plastic bags with things in it into the river. It turned out to be flowers and other items of worship and the banks of Yamuna were cluttered with items that were meant to appease the gods. 

I was infuriated. I wanted to do something about it. Thus our flower recycling work started.  We started approaching temples in early 2001 and started the very first flower recycling drive in India.

Though it was a successful initiative, concerns of the parents of the beneficiaries resurfaced. Then an idea germinated in my mind and AVACAYAM - a Disability Livelihood Initiative was born."

- Dr. Madhumita Puri

Mobile School for Children with special needs


Did you know that due to the lack of education, the people from low income areas receive low income opportunities. Leading to restricted facilities for their families. 

What does that mean?

Their children grow up uneducated. 

Therefore the cycle never stops.

Come join us and together we will tackle this monumental ob