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Red & White Folding Bags - Made from Waste Plastic

Red & White Folding Bags - Made from Waste Plastic

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Plastic (MLP) Folding Bag is made of waste plastic. We collect waste Plastic MLP from homes, factories and institutions. 

We turn these waste materials into interesting designs. This Plastic MLP Folding Bag has Multiple colors.

Plastic MLP Folding Bag is best for last minute shopping, especially if you have forgotten to carry you shopping bag and urgently need one. This folding bag is small enough to fit in your pockets.

For last minute needs - THIS IS FOR YOU!

Since 2001, Avacayam Foundation has worked towards making creatively designed products from waste materials, and through the sales we are able to provide employment to people with all kinds of disabilities.

Working towards an environment where nature and people live and prosper in harmony.

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